Restore Some Retro iTunes Features

The latest iTunes update has brought another wave of undesirable features including deeper integration of Ping. Thankfully, it’s possible to set hidden preferences and execute a few hacks to restore harmony.

These instructions only apply to the Mac and require some basic understanding of Terminal and hidden files. If it’s all Dutch, you’re best off giving this a miss.

Kill the Ping sidebar:
defaults write disablePingSidebar 1

Remove the new Ping buttons:
defaults write hide-ping-dropdown 1

Restore the coloured menu icons:

  • Kill iTunes.
  • In your applications folder, right click on iTunes and select “Show Package Contents”.
  • Download this updated iTunes.rsrc file.
  • Drop the file into “/Applications/”.

Replace the horrible iTunes icon:

  • Download this cool Looney Tunes inspired icon, or find your own.
  • Rename the icon “iTunes.icns”.
  • Drop into “/Applications/”.

There are plenty of blog posts covering these tips, but they rarely scope everything. Good luck.

 Tags: Random   Published: 28th September '10

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