Transparent AdSense Ad

In what could be breaking news (I couldn’t find any other mentions on the web), a transparent AdSense ad has been spotted in the wild (click to expand):

The ad unit doesn’t stream video, but instead links to a YouTube video. Rather interesting!

Update: These YouTube ads have apparently been around a while – I assume their low CPM keeps their general visibility low. Pretty sure transparent backgrounds are somewhat new, however.

 Tags: AdSense, Random   Published: 16th September '10

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Perhaps CSS was used to give it the transparent background? Even if it’s in an iframe that loads the ad with a non-transparent background you can change the background to transparent using JS. I could be talking out of my arse, but if there’s no mention of transparent ads then that’s probably how it was done.


so after 5 minutes I was able to find the answer — yes, transparent background (for all items via CSS reset) on line 16 of ;)