Arrrggh! My Browser Just Crashed

Safari is my browser of choice. It’s clean, speedy, and can be pretty versatile with some 3rd party extensions (without the chunkiness of Firefox). However, it doesn’t behave well with some sites and sometimes falls over. That can be especially annoying after writing a long winded message or filling in a complex form.

There is hope. Just before your browser is about to crash, take a quick screenshot. After cropping away the junk, upload the image to and it should give you the raw text back, which you can simply copy and paste back onto the site you were using. There might be a few mistakes in the text, but it can save you a heap of time and avoid some unnecessary frustration.

 Tags: Random   Published: 18th October '10

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dude, that’s super useful! I should visit your blog more than twice a year =)

Keith Mander

Yes you should! Make it your homepage Yasser ;)