Budget Passport Photos

I recently found myself with the need for some passport sized photos. Unfortunately, I  had already boxed up a stash of photos which I had previously made. Sheer desperation led me to pay a whopping €8 for a print containing just 4 photos. A bit of a rip-off compared to a nice trick to make your own for 20p.

It’s a doodle to produce your own DIY photos, using a trusty digital camera and the excellent ePassportPhoto.com tool. Take a few snaps and spruce up the best one (some folk are rather particular about the quality) and then upload it to the tool. It’ll instantly spit out a standard 4×6 print containing 6 passport sized photos.

Whilst totally free, the service does place an advertisement in one of the 6 slots, but a bit of MS Paint wizardry can easily replace that with another photo. The local supermarket or chemist usually has a printing machine and it’ll cost a mere 20p or so to make a quality print – a bargain!

 Tags: Random   Published: 14th September '10

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