Looking for Freedom

After a 4-year stint in Dublin, I’m back in Blighty and free from the shackles of the corporate world. It’s refreshing, yet a tad overwhelming. I’ve been rather quite likely to have been employed by two of the most prestigious Internet companies and to have worked alongside some pretty impressive folk. It was a pretty tough decision to make; the time taken to make it is a testament to that, and I’ll miss it more than I’d like to admit.

The plan of attack? For now, the aim is to continue building on my current websites and also look to build/acquire some more, whilst enjoying the benefits of not being restrained to be physically located in any particular place (location independence). Progress report to come.

The inspiration:

 Tags: Business, Random   Published: 6th September '10

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Dan Zilic

Talking about David Hasselhoff – you should buy yourself a talking car and roam about Europe solving mysteries and petty crimes.

Keith Mander

Was briefly thinking about living out of a caravan for a bit – not quite the same, but an idea nevertheless.