Autumn Cleanup

To help focus my energies on revenue generating activities (the corporate world did have it’s mark), I’m doing a bit of a cleanup and offloading redundant and low-value projects.

All my spare domain names have been listed for sale and I’ve stuck a few up for auction on Flippa (the de facto marketplace for buying and selling online properties). Hopefully I can get rid of the lot, or I’ll just leave them fizzle away into non-existence.

I sold the site in an auction a couple of months ago. The idea was was to build a niche content site from scratch and see if it could be a scalable model for building a portfolio of small earners. Well, it didn’t really pan out too well in the end, but I snagged $250 from the auction which just about covered the development costs and time I had invested (circa 4-hours). (the awe-inspiring ebook that generates a small amount of fan mail) is currently up for auction, and I’ll be letting others go soon. The aim is to get rid of pretty much everything and leave myself with just the core cash-cows ( and and provide me with the capital/head-space to invest elsewhere.

 Tags: Business   Published: 7th September '10

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so, who is bidder 13 :)

Keith Mander

Is that really you Libor? Well, thanks for bumping things up :)


wasn’t me. I was merely pointing to the speculation that you were probably hiking the price up yourself :)

Keith Mander

Ah-ha…. no, not me Gov – I’m far to honest for that kind of trickery.