Social Media Abacus

Several months ago, Facebook opened up an API call that allowed developers to query how much a piece of content had been shared.

I figured it’d make for a nice Sunday morning project (the geek within prevails) to hack together a quick tool to query this data though a simple gooey. I figured that something worth sharing and engaging with can be used as an indicator of its value (handy for us VRE folk).

It’s uber simple: plug in the URL and in return the tool spits out the number of times the content has been shared, liked and commented on. In action:

It’s dubbed the Social Media Abacus. As I note, it could be interesting to develop this tool further to track sharing over time, mix in sharing data from other social platforms and do a bunch of other magical stuff. In reality, I won’t be touching this any further anytime soon (more to come on that).

Anyone eager enough to take on the baton is welcomed to email me and I’ll hand over the source code.

Update: Facebook has rolled out another wave of developer tools to bring social across the entire interweb. is kinda similar to what my tool does – it aggregates the social activity (with a focus on your friends) across the most popular sites on the web.

 Tags: Internet   Published: 26th April '10

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Yasser Abu-Ghdaib

Just looked for google.comit was shared and liked by thousands. and clicked by 1 :D

Oscar Karlsten

Love it. Well done kid!