A Carbon Free Me

With Google Cache as my witness, I made the promise at the beginning of 2009 to make amends with Ms. Gaia and offset the carbon that’d I consume during the year.

Well here I am, ready to make my offerings. During the year, I kept a log of all my travels and have since plugged the details into this handy flight emissions calculator. The tally came to a total of 44-flights and 37,330 km travelled (just 1 flight short of my 2008 total, but with 50% less distance). In carbon terms, this amounts to 10.9 tons of C02.

Picking a company to offset the carbon with proved tricky and I ended up opting for ClimateCare.org – mainly because they’re backed by JPMorgan and that their website is pretty snazzy. The final bill came to 96.06 regal pounds. Does my soul feel a little bit better? Not really, no.

 Tags: Random   Published: 23rd March '10

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Well done Keith, I am doing the same. And primarily, it’s not for our souls, it’s for Pachamama…

Keith Mander

Good man Miquele. Looks like you’re doing some serious offsetting at the moment – how long are you sticking it out in the Americas?


In fact, not at all. I opted against loads of stops but rather spend more time at fewer places. So far, my return flight is booked for September, but it’s valid till February. I.e. how long I’ll ‘stick it out’ here mainly depends on the budget and on my (so far non-existent) urge to go back to work.