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I’ve become quite a fan of my Android as of late. Features such as wireless tethering and it’s raw hackability gives the iPhone some genuine competition. However, the volume and quality of applications available on the market remains sub-par. Here’s some of the better ones (in no particular order):

  • Goggles: Take a photo and Google will translate the text, tell you what the object is, show competing prices, reviews and so on. Surprisingly useful.
  • Remember the Milk: A simple to-do list that syncs with the online site of the same name. Requires a paid subscription and I think it’s kinda worth it.
  • Shazam: Mind blowing app that listens to the music and tells you the name of the tune.
  • Tripit: Forward airline confirmations to a specific address and get all the details on your phone.
  • PureFroyo ROM: Not really an app, rather the whole OS itself. Contains some useful features, a sexed up UI and improved battery life.
  • Chrome to Phone: You’re browsing away on your desktop, but don’t have the time to read a particular article. This app zips it across to your phone, so you can read it on the go.
  • Facebook: Features are more or less on par with the iPhone version.
  • 2 Player Reactor: A neat two-player quiz styled game.
  • Yelp: Seriously useful for finding a nearby restaurant/shop with ratings and comments.
  • Astro: A file manager that can help backup files and apps themselves.
  • Voice Search: You feel like a bit of a fool, but the accuracy and speed is astonishing and it does save a fair bit of time writing long messages.
 Tags: Random   Published: 3rd November '10

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I love the idea of shazam, but tbh ive had many problems with it, perhaps it doesnt like “niche” music? I mainly listen to electronic stuff and im guessing the app is struggling to differentiate between tunes, many do sound similar. Perhaps its perfect for the latest track you hear on the radio, but for the things I listen to it struggles.

Keith Mander

True, Shazam is best used with mainstream music. I’ve been impressed by its apparent large database of music, but I guess I don’t really listen to that much on the fringe.