Visualising Square Meterage

Us islanders opt to describe property in terms of its number of living areas and bedrooms, whilst of course making liberal use of deceiving adjectives (cosy, charming etc). Our continental cousins however, also talk about square footage – something we simply struggle to fathom.

I had a poke around the interweb for some guidance and bar installing fancy home design software, there wasn’t much I could find which would help me appreciate what exactly one could do with a 23m² room and whether or not you could swing a cat. With MS Paint (or rather, a nice Mac equivalent) in hand, I chucked a few furnishings into a 15m² room (which seems to be the lower quartile point) to see the results. Scaling this up to 35m² gives a sense of how much additional space you’d have to play with. Here’s the image:

Verdict? 20m² is ample for me and my random collection of rubbish.

 Tags: Random   Published: 18th March '10

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TYVM you’ve solved all my proelmbs

Keith Mander

You’re very welcome!