Knol (akin to Digital Wisdom)

Yesterday, Google announced Knol; a knowledge-sharing platform similar to and Wikipedia. 2-years back, I commissioned a designer to draw conceptual designs for Digital Wisdom; a revenue-sharing, multi-author platform that is amazingly similar in style and functionality to Knol (and it’s contemporaries; Squidoo, Hupages and Wikia).

See for yourself. A mockup of Knol (click to expand):


and what the Digital Wisdom hompage may have looked like:

Digital Wisdom Homepage

and a hypothetical article page:

Digital Wisdom Article Page

Perhaps I gave in too quickly on this idea!

 Tags: Business, Ideas, Internet   Published: 14th December '07

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me too

Joe McD

Wow, that’s tough luck. But there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I think the idea you talked to me about today (the ideas site) could be a really great way to ensure that people’s ideas could actually come to fruition.