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Fellow blog fans will have undoubtedly been disappointed with the lack of new posts as of late. The silence has resulted from focusing my attention on the redevelopment of Just Pooh, a site I acquired around this time last year. The site ranks well for many related search queries, despite not receiving a significant update since 2002 and was in for a much needed redesign.The endeavour had three clear objectives:

  • Improve the user experience so that visitors spend more time on the site.
  • Bring more traffic to the site by improving the internal structure of the sites’s content.
  • Exploit the combination of the above to increase advertising revenue.

Here is a screenshot of the prior version of the site:

Just Pooh Version 1

And this is the new version of Just Pooh:

Just Pooh Version 2

It’s still too early to draw any significant conclusions, but it appears that the new version has satisfied all three objectives. Analytics shows the below statistics for a 3-day period after the redesign, compared against a typical 3-day period in the past.

Pooh Google Analytics

In summary; users spend more time on the site and view more pages. Users are also less likely to leave the site after landing on their first page (known as the bounce rate). Lastly, the number of visitors has increased, thanks to the search engines increasing the site’s ranking and crawling additional pages.A huge thanks to Jack Sleight, the web developer I commissioned for the project.

 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 14th December '07

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