Using a combination of Google’s Analytics and Webmaster Tools, I can gain an interesting, and often bizarre, insight into how people interact and stumble across my site.

The below screenshot comes from Analytics, and provides a quicksnap as to how the site has performed over the past month:

Google Analytics Snapshot

The volume of traffic, whilst small, is still quite surprising. I expect visitors from workmates, friends and family, but I didn’t foresee how many strangers the site would attract. A large chunk of visitors come from people searching Google. Here are the top searches, reported from both Analytics:

Analytics Top Keywords

and Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster Tool Top Google Keywords

Looks like I’m not the only one wanting to dine on insects in London!

Analytics reveals that I’ve left a trial of backlinks at places that I visit, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and WebmasterWorld. What I find truly fascentating is coming across people that have written about me or my site. For example, a popular Spanish blog about search engines wrote about my attempts to get an internship at Google, in a post entitled La historia de Keith Mander. I used AdWords to plug myself: Advertised on Google AdWords

Thus far, the two most popular blog posts are Is Facebook Worth $5b? and Creepy Crawlies.

For the 30.32% of visitors arriving from the US, you will pleased to see that I now rank in first for the keyword “keith mander” on Google. As previously reported, is in head-to-head competition with a University professor to claim the treasured #1 spot. Curiously, I’m still lagging behind in position #3 in my two key markets; Ireland and the UK.

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