Blog Depression

Not even could escape the perils of the global downturn. Despite outcries from numerous die-hard fans, the blog has turned into a bleak and desolate place in recent months. The demise can be depicted on the below graph, which shows the evolution of activity since the blog’s birth on that fateful day in September ’07.

Blog Posts Graph

Sulk no longer, for the blog shall return and reclaim it’s place at the forefront of cutting-edge journalism. That is to say, after I figure out what exactly I’ll be writing about. Any ideas?

 Tags: Blog   Published: 31st August '09

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Oscar Karlsten

It’s a tough world Mander! I bet a lot of people would like to hear more about your websites and their progress. If I didn’t have an inside there, I’d be one of them.

Besides that, more on outsourcing! (except for Joe; he’d like to hear more about those cheap flights).


This is what I like about your blog, your various Online experiments

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