I’ve acquired a new site that peddles another informational product, although this time it’s not cleaning related. is geared towards fans of the popular Mafia Wars game that has taken Facebook and MySpace by storm in recent months.

For a mere 20-bucks, I can tell you a few tricks to get the edge in the game and become the don. You have to wade through the sales copy first, of course. Competition is fairly non-existent and there is already a small but strong band of affiliates taking the brunt of performing promotional activities. Fingers crossed.

 Tags: Business, Internet, Introducing   Published: 30th May '09

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Mander. We shall discuss this when I return. As your unofficial advisor I can’t recall ‘okaying’ this. Smells trouble young man.

Ninja Tyler

What smells Oscar? Keith got a fantastic deal on a money maker site.

Keith Mander

Haha… thanks for the support Mr. Ninja.

Keith Mander

So far so good :)

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