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Fellow Facebook users can now interact with KeithMander.com using their Facebook profile, thanks to the WP-FBConnect WordPress plug-in. When commenting on a post, you can opt to skip entering your details and instead connect your Facebook account with the site. Providing that you’re logged into Facebook, you’ll then be automatically logged into the blog each time you return.


Moreover, when you leave a comment, you’ll have the option to share the story with your friends via the news feed on Facebook. I already syndicate the blog via my own news feed, but this feature will allow me to reach both friends of friends, and friends of strangers. Plus, with the combo of the Facebook Comments plug-in, any comments left on Facebook are copied back onto the blog, keeping everything nice and tidy.

It’ll be interesting to see if this expanded distribution will bring a new audience to the blog and foster greater interaction.

 Tags: Blog, Internet   Published: 1st February '09

13 Archived Wordpress Comments

Keith Mander

Now with pictures! Nice!

Oscar Karlsten

I love it. Without me you wouldn’t have pictures! Too bad it’s the dodgiest plugin ever created ..


Hmmmmm, it doesn’t seem to work

Keith Mander

Fixing 1, 2, 3…

Keith Mander

Fixed. However, the news feed publisher modal box isn’t appearing at the moment.

Keith Mander

Comments now appear in your news feed. Hurray.

Matthew Tyndall

THis is awesome. I need to install it on my site.

Keith Mander

It’s gone awol again :(

Christian Listmann

it works!

Keith Mander

Sure does – need to give it a spring clean soon though :)

Keith Mander

Gave it a bit of a clean today, upgrading to the latest version which now includes a Like button.


Interesting topic! Excuse me, very badly I know English, so a little later I’ll write what I think about it. Thank you.

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