Dreaming of 2008

Here’s a not particularly pretty graph which shows the number of dreams that I wrote down each day in 2008:

Dream Graph 2008

We all dream each and every night, the tricky part is having the discipline to wake up and write them down (and if you don’t, you’ve got practically no chance of remembering it the next day). Some of the dreams were really detailed, while also quite random. Here’s an example from the 3rd April which, with the return of Bauer, is quite apt. Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

I see Jack Bauer and he is with a criminal that has been caught. The criminal is lying on the ground and is hurt. Jack wants to know more about another guy that has got away. He asks for info on what kind of guy he is.

In the next scene, a boy is with his mother (played by X) in a convertible car on their way home. The boy comments that the criminal goes home in a nice car and that he has lots of connections. They go past a car with a man inside holding a rifle.

They arrive home which is a petrol station. The power has just been cut off. The mother is in the room and uses a torch to shine light into the room.

The sister puts on the radio. I turn it off. I lie in bed. A man comes into the room and says “you’re the one who locked the door” and laughs. I throw some rocks at the guy and he then jumps to the side of the bed.

I wake up (at 4AM) feeling very confused and scanned around the room thinking that this was real and that someone was there.

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