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I tallied up all the flights of 2008 and used a flight emissions calculator to assess the damage. I took 45 individual flights and travelled 77,590 km. That cost mother Earth 17.1 Tons of CO2, and would’ve set me back 147.49 Royal Pounds (according to Ouch!

Now, since I wasn’t conscious about these said costs, I’ll bail out on paying my dues for last year. However, I vouch that for 2009, I’ll offset the entire carbon footrprint from my flights.

 Tags: Random   Published: 13th January '09

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Harrison Gevirtz

how’d you get those stats? your miles statement?

Keith Mander

Nope – i don’t have an Air Miles card. Actually, I don’t have a loyalty card with any airline. My policy is not to have any loyalty – I just fly with whoever offers the cheapest fare, which tends to be low-cost carriers who don’t offer rebates anyway.

I used the calculator on to manually tally up all the flights that I’ve noted down in my diary. For this year, I’m going to keep a running log and then make an offset payment every 6-months.

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