Facebook Now Reveals Demo Data

Facebook has just made a minor but nevertheless interesting update to its Flyers Pro service. A minor tweak in the UI now reveals the total number of users who fulfil your selected targeting preferences. From this, you can deduce some quite random titbits:

  • There are 19.9m users in the US, 6.4m in the UK (1 in 10), but only 83,640 in China.
  • Facebook is not as youth focused as you might expect. 62% of UK users are over 23.
  • Americans are romantically challenged. 40% state they’re single (just 28% in the UK).
  • 120 people working for MySpace US use Facebook. Just 20 Bebo UK employees are users.
  • Almost 1m US users list Simpons as one of their favourite TV series, whereas Family Guy has 2m fans.
  • 0.38% of Liberals love Britney Spears, versus 0.26% of Conservatives. Go figure.
 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 21st October '07

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