As an experiment, I wanted to try my hand at creating a niche-content from scratch. I grabbed one of the domains I registered a few months back, outsourced the research and creation of the content and after around a week I have, a site providing advice and tips to help prepare for an interview. Screenshot

The site cost a grand total of $95.15 to create ($88 for the outsourced content writing & $7.15 for 1-years domain registration with GoDaddy) and took around 2-hours to project manage. Admittedly, I did also spend some 5-hours to fiddle with the site’s design. However, this would be a one-off task and additional sites could be launched with the same template in under 3-hours in total.

My goal is that the site might earn $1/day in advertising revenue. I suspect that this is overly ambitious. But if it can be done, then this could be a profitable model; whereby sites could be quickly churned out (a site a week would be certainly feasible) and bring in lots of small amounts of revenue.

Update: I couldn’t help but give the site another aesthetic update. A gray colour scheme is a bit easier on the eye than the lime green. Do you think it’s better?

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Just curious, how is this business model working out? I am impressed you were able to get all that content for $88. Answer to your colour question, I think the lime green gives the site a more welcome feel. The dark color is a bit bland. I am not a fan of the periwinkle -blue on the sidebar. Hope this helps.

Keith Mander

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment. This project was definitely an experiment into a model that I’ve not used before, so I had little expectations for what kind of success it may bring.

So far, the site has earned a grand total of $0.38. Hardly inspiring and worst still, traffic volumes (around 20 pageviews per day) shows no signs of have an upwards trend. I wouldn’t say the project was entirely doomed, as traffic should naturally increase over time if the site starts getting inbound links from other related sites. I’m still on track to cover the $7.15 annual registration, so I’m sure that I’ll keep the site alive for several years to come.

Thanks for the design feedback. I think you’re right, it does need a splash of colour. Some stock photos would probably make a world of difference. I jotted down a ton of features I’d build into a template, should I look to roll this out to other niches. For now though, I’m not looking to invest any further time and money into the site, so I’ll probably just leave it as it is.

What business are you in Lisa?


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