Internet Pet Hate

I’m a lazy Internet user. This means that when I go to a website, I’ll skip typing the www. prefix into the browser’s address bar. This is usually painless, and I’ll be swiftly taken straight to the site I want to access, or at least redirected to the homepage.

However, if I enter into the browser, I’m lead to an error page (although, curiously, does work). This is absolutely crazy. Companies almost exclusively brand their website address as being, and rightly so. It doesn’t sound great to pronounce the prefix in a TV or radio commercial and it looks ugly in print. However, it’s obviously crucial that it works.

Fixing this problem would take any savvy webmaster a matter of minutes. I’m quite positive that many users who reach the error page will switch off and go elsewhere. Companies that neglect to address this are losing millions a lot.

I’ve dropped Ryanair an email to bring this to their attention. I’ve previously been sucessful in convincing and to make this change. Fingers crossed Ryanair will see the light and send me some free flights – excluding baggage fees, of course.

 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 16th October '07

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Dan Zilic

Seems they never read your email Keith, you still get an error page.

Keith Mander

True. Idiots.