Bugs are Disgusting

I previously touched upon the fact that I’ve never intentionally eaten a bug, so it made sense to give them a try as the next part of understanding the viability of my insect restaurant concept.

Giant Toasted AntsSurprisingly, I was able to pick up a packet of Mopani Worms right here in Dublin. The verdict? Pretty disgusting. The flavour can be best described as very salty beef jerky and this opinion was almost unanimously shared amongst my colleagues.

Next up, I bought some Giant Toasted Ants from Selfridges in London. They’re described as being like “crispy bacon with an earthy taste” and whilst being somewhat more palatable than the worms, they still left you with the immediate urge to grab a drink to wash away the lingering taste.

This weekend, I shall be sampling a Green Crocodile Curry as part of our now customary weekly curry night. I suspect that a far simpler, tried and tested global food restaurant would be a far safer enterprise.

Update: It was rather quite tasty – something like chewy fishy chicken.

 Tags: Business, Ideas   Published: 13th October '07

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Neil Walker

The insect idea might float IF you also offered a good selection of ‘regular’ food as well… In this way people could still be guaranteed a nice meal – even in the (unlikely?!) event they don’t like stick insects. Man does not live on worms alone.