Feast your eyes on another oddball addition to Mander Enterprises. offers an ‘information product’, a posh way of saying a paid-for PDF.

For a mere $9.95, I’ll tell you how one can remove the nasty residue left from cleaning products such as Orange Glo. However, you’ll first have to navigate through the multi-colour/font wonder that is the 1,500 word sales letter.

Traffic is purely organic and sales continue to trickle in. Interestingly, it has a tendency to pick up on Sunday’s – the holy day for DIY.

I’ve long fancied to operate one of these sites as it requires two essential tasks: buying as much traffic as possible that can provide a demonstrable ROI; and improving conversion rates through split-testing techniques I’ve previously talked about.

 Tags: Business, Internet, Introducing   Published: 5th December '08

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when will mafiaunit be ready

Keith Mander

Patience Norman. It should be released in mid-February.

Kareen Thomas

Dear Keith i tried to download your ebook but my debit card did not take is there another method of paying such as money order.

Keith Mander

Paypal is best for, but we can definitely figure something out. Drop me an email ( to discuss further. Thanks!

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