1 in 5 Say They’d Eat Bugs

Facebook PollI thought I’d actually do a little more digging into the idea I posted yesterday.

In additional to Flyers, Facebook also offers another commercial product – simply named Polls. It allows for very quick market research, and for $26 I was able to ask the following question to 100 people in London: “Some cultures eat insects as part of their daily diet. Would you pay to sample such cuisine?”.

The question was posted at midnight and by the time I woke the results were in. 21% said Yes, with females being slightly more in favour. Hardly an encouraging statistic, but I’m also curious how many people would actually be willing to try Sushi too.

I’ve seen a few large shops stock products from Edible – who sell packaged insects such as cooked ants and worms. It’d be interesting to know how they’re doing. As a registered company in the UK, I was able to pick up their last annual return for a £1 from Companies House. Unfortunately, this didn’t reveal any financial information. D&B appear to offer the information I’m after, albeit for £7.50. Does anyone know any cheaper sources?

 Tags: Business, Ideas   Published: 1st October '07

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