Wiki’s for the Rest of Us

Thanks to Wikipedia, most folk have a good grasp of what a Wiki is, but they’d rarely consider creating one for themselves. It’s certainly a technology with a limited application, but in some scenarios it can be surprisingly useful.

To explain how, check out the below video created by Common Craft, who use neat sketches to explain technological concepts using simple analogies.

Organising our ski trip last year got a little messy; with information scattered across long email threads that made coordination cumbersome. This year, the geek inside me suggested that we gave a Wiki a whirl.

Snowfun Wiki

I opted to use Jottit – a lightweight, super easy to use, and commercial-free Wiki platform. The above screenshot shows how we’ve used the Wiki to keep notes of our bookings, outline things we need to do, and jot down items to bring with us.

 Tags: Internet   Published: 5th March '08

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