10 for 10

Experiment – Snap up 10 domain names and sell them exactly 10-years from now.

Background – Tons of domain names expire every day as a result of owners who’ve forgotten to pay the renewal fees, or who never got around to building their site. Most of these domains are horrible of course, but there are a few gems in the rubble. Pizza.com went under the hammer for $2.6m, and since then I’ve quite fancied having a punt on some domains.

Methodology – Employ Dnxpert.com to identify recently expired domains. After you’ve applied every coupon you can get your hands on, each domain comes in at $7.15 (for 1-year of registration) with GoDaddy.

Hypothesis – The hopeful result is that one of the domains might just about cover the registration cost for all the domains for 10-years.

Here are the candidates:

  • clubbingtickets.com
  • downloadableticket.com
  • excelgenius.com
  • mindinventory.com
  • nyoutloud.com
  • petsequipment.com
  • shoppertrends.com
  • sizefit.com
  • topinterviewtips.com
  • cristiantours.com
  • weightblogger.com
  • insidecameras.com

Update: Okay, okay, I got a little carried away. The domain count now stands at 12, which is a pity since it ruins the catchy title.

Update #2: I wasn’t really making a penny from hosting the domains with Sedo, so I’ve now redirected all the above domains to this blog post. So if you’re reading this and are interesting in purchasing one of these domains – please send me an email to begin negotiations (to give you an early ballpark, each domain will go for a couple of hundred dollars).

Update #3: First domain sold! I created a wee mini-site to showcase the domains instead (keithmander.com/domains).

 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 16th September '08

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Did you buy any of them?

Keith Mander

All of them.


I dont want to wait 10 years to find out

Keith Mander

Received one offer thus far, but it turned out to be a dud (an elaborate scam to buy a specific appraisal service). I’ll sell them before the 10-years are out, if the offer is right.


In the meantime you can also try to cover the basic cost with Parking ads

Keith Mander

They’re not really making anything through parking (in the order of $1/month in total), so my only hope it to stick it out for 10-years.

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Keith Mander

First domain sold. Yipee!

Keith Mander

sizefit.com – sold for $120.

Andy Scott

Good work!