Another day and another wacky idea for you to digest.

The premise of OneHundredTees is to set around embarking on a mission to get 100 CEOs (belonging to FTSE 100 companies) to donate a signed t-shirt. Their autograph would also bind them to the pledge that if, and only if, I obtain all 100 t-shirts, the collection will be auctioned off for charity and that each company must each match the final sale price. The awarding charity would be chosen by the consensus of the sites visitors.

There are a few dynamics that enable the idea to possibly work. The key ingredient is that the companies would only have to commit to donating if the project is a success, and that this would necessitate press interest to occur. Therefore, they only take the financial burden if they get something out of it – an essential dynamic for these elite folk.

A spin-off idea is to swap CEOs for football players, or celebrities. This would be more likely to drive interest from the media and increase the intrinsic value of the collection, but on the other it’d be more difficult to grab their attention since so many other people poach them for charitable causes.


 Tags: Business, Ideas   Published: 16th December '07

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