eBay Tips ‘n Tricks

I’ve sold a fair number of items on eBay over the past few years. Here are a few gems of advice:

  • The item title is the most important factor that will dictate how an auction performs, since searching is the core way in which users will find and chose to look at your auction. A neat trick is to do a completed auction search and take the most important keywords from the best performing auctions.
  • Include the information you’d want to know – delivery cost, item condition etc.
  • Emphasis that you’re a trusted seller. Maybe include your email address, Skype voicemail, or photo.
  • Keep your listing low on text and actively use images, video and bullet-point lists. You’ve got about 5-seconds to engage a user.
  • Never, never use a reserve price – users don’t like to get involved in the auction unless they know they’re in with a chance of winning.
  • When you chose to end the auction is really important. It makes sense to avoid finishing an item at 3am. I always aim for mid-week evenings. Watch out your not competing against a big football game or an episode of Eastenders.
  • Always include a sub-title and gallery image. I’ve found that really help bring attention to your listing when users search.
  • Have a dig into other similar auctions that have finished. Note down all the users that unsucessfully placed a bid and send them an email to your auction.

Way before YouTube, I tried experimenting with putting home-made videos into auctions. I sent it to a few folk at eBay and they loved it. If all else fails, I could possibly pursue a career with QVC. I’m currently running an auction for two Arcade Fire tickets next month – good luck & happy bidding!

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