Bump in the Night

Take #2 for my newly formed sleep laboratory. My previous attempt at recording nightly sounds revealed nothing particularly interesting, but after some trial and error I’ve finally figured out how to record nighttime video using a borrowed Japanese camcorder. A single frame was captured every second, and then later sped up and compressed down from 7 hours to produce this 3 minute masterpiece.

It’s really freaky to see how much that I moved during the night and some of the fairly odd positions that I ended up in. I’ll have another stab at this if I can get my mitts on a decent tripod. Enjoy.

 Tags: Dreams, Random   Published: 22nd July '08

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Morning Keith!

Keith Mander

1 second of video = 119 seconds of real-time.


@ about 1.31 it looks like you give yourself a reach around and then put your fingers in your mouth


I bet you were posing :)


show me the stuff baby