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Montenegro opened up .me domain registrations earlier today. Within the first few hour, most dictionary words had been snapped up. I was a bit slow off the mark, but managed to bag a couple of beauties: and The plan of attack is to reach out to Skype and companies called Extreme to see if they’d want them, albeit for a nominal sum of course.

There are still some half decent domains available. To spot some of them, use a handy crossworld helper to dig up all the words with the ‘me’ suffix and the plug the results into a bulk lookup to reveal what’s still available. Some discoveries included,,, and

Update: My dreams of riches have been quickly dashed. Godaddy was inundated with registrations and thanks to a minor delay in refreshing the database, they incorrectly listed domains as available. A quick Twitter search reveals that for a brief time, I apparently shared ownership of with at least a dozen other folk. Ho-hum.

 Tags: Business, Internet   Published: 17th July '08

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Hey Keith, did you try ?
Looks promising to me.
How are you progressing in learning german?
Most important Question: Do you remember me ?
(Hint joao’s co worker)


Keith Mander

Howdy Stefan, was another domain to seemingly have been purchased by a dozen or so people. It’s still unclear who was the first person to register the domain and become the rightful owner.

Mein Deutsch ist ein wenig besser. Der Kurs ist fertig, aber ich kann beginnen ein neuer Kurs im September.

Wo bist du und was machen du?