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I’ll end this triple-whammy blog update with another thought; why do professional sportsmen insist on wearing jewelry? Take last weekend’s woman’s final at Wimbledon; both Williams sisters donned chunky looking earrings during the match (as modeled below).

And it’s not just limited to Tennis. Jewelry is a common sight in many athletic events – which is even more daft given the extreme measures taken by athletes to be as speedy as possible; such as having short/no hair or wearing ultra-light fabrics.

Surely, if a pair of earrings or a necklace might slow you down by a fraction of a second, it’d be worth not wearing? Moreover, I can’t imagine that pelting yourself down a track at full-speed with a chunk of metal swinging from your ears is particularly comfortable. On the other hand, maybe the sentimental value provides a strong enough placebo that it actually enhances performance?

Either way, my pearl of wisdom to Serena would be for her to leave the bling at home – she might then have a better chance of beating her big sis.

 Tags: Random   Published: 8th July '08

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what would put the point if they couldn’t show off all der money and der hoz.


blame video hits.

Keith Mander

No doubt, after all popular music is the sole reason for much of our social decay.