Humble White Loo

I often find myself day-dreaming about my dream apartment – from its layout to its design. I’ve even started to jot down a list of notes; which I agree is both retentive and somewhat disturbing. One item not to make the list is a white toilet (or sink and shower for that matter).

I’ve watched a fair few design/property-esque programmes in my time and despite the often incredible creation of the owner; they almost always resort to installing a set of bland white fixtures in the bathroom. White does of course make these otherwise small spaces appear larger; but I think this is compensated by a more warm and relaxing space that a splash of colour (or darkness) could bring.

White kitchen appliances became stainless steel, and the grey computer now comes in every colour imaginable – maybe it’s time for the loo to move forward.

 Tags: Random   Published: 8th July '08

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Keith Mander

Nice find. Not sure about this pastel-pink though. I was thinking black/graphite would be a good choice.