Not Your Typical Saturday Morning

I normally like to enjoy my Saturday mornings with a nice lie in. It’s safe to say that this Saturday started quite differently, and will prove to be unlike any Saturday I’ll ever experience again.

At 2am, I woke up and headed outside. After meeting a few folk along the way, we headed out to the Docklands area in Dublin. A solemn bus then took us to a top secret location, which turned out to be a fairly narrow path that lead out to a Lighthouse on the outer rim of the dock.

By 5am, I was surrounded by 2,500 fellow Dubliners and on the simple command of Spencer Tunick (one man with a camera), we simultaneously stripped completely bare – which literally occupied a matter of seconds. After ditching our clothes, we proceeded to pose in several positions while embracing the Irish Sea and suffering form the bitter cold. All in the name of Art.

The first 20-seconds was akin to jumping out a plane – truly unreal. After this initial period, you do become strangely complacent about the whole thing. Only after you put your clothes back on does rationality set back in and you question what the hell you’ve just done. Writing this post a day later, it all seems a bit of a blur – perhaps this is my mind’s attempt to erase these bizarre hours of my life. All in all, it was a fantastically uplifting experience. Nevertheless, I’m confident it’ll remain a once in a lifetime experience.

I’m due to receive a limited edition print as a prize for taking part. I’ll post it online when it arrives (albeit after getting some Photoshop treatment first).

 Tags: Random   Published: 22nd June '08

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but did you pick up?

Keith Mander

And here I was thinking that my blog might occasionally spur on some semi-intellectual debate, but it somehow always comes back to whether I got laid or not ;)

Sorry to disappoint Johno, for I did not. I’m sure this punk will be winging his way over to Manly Beach soon enough, so you can give it a whirl for yourself. Let’s see if you manage to pick up any chicks.

BTW, a buddy of mine is working over there for 3-months so I’m contemplating a trip over.

Keith Mander

Okay, I just checked the flights and it’ll cost me dearly and my holiday leave would restrict me only to a couple of weeks. When I last came over, it only cost £550, but I haven’t yet found anything less than a grand. Any ideas which is the cheapest carrier for this time of year?

Alex Schultz

haha good for you… I think you are the only person I know to have done one of these things

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