How to Contact a CEO

A couple of years back, a debate engulfed our household. The question? What is the daily turnover of HMV (a music store) on Piccadilly Circus? I know, pretty odd.

We made our estimates, but then struggled to find the answer in any company accounts or press releases. I thought I’d try my luck and contact the CEO to see if he could help me out.

Contacting a CEO is actually surprisingly easily. The trick is to first understand how the email system within the company has been setup. Employee email addresses can typically take one of a few forms, such as or Have a hunt around on the company website or on the net for any employees email address. Then check out the company reports for the CEO name, and viola – combine the two and you can take a stab at guessing what the CEOs email address is. Try pinging the address to see if it’s technically valid.

If you’re every getting bad customer service, you might get better luck if you contact the top dog. This article lists the CEO email addresses for some of the largest UK companies.

Alan Giles, the CEO of HMV, did respond to my email (from his Blackberry, naturally) but didn’t wish to reveal the “confidential commercially sensitive information”.

 Tags: Business   Published: 30th September '07

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