Blog Birthday

The first anniversary of the world renowned blog that is almost slipped by without a recap of the year that was.

Some stats & titbits:

  • There have been 4,656 visits by 3,225 unique visitors.
  • 10,557 pages have been read, consuming roughly 196 hours. Yikes.
  • Most visitors come from the USA. UK & Ireland follow.
  • Most ‘foreign’ visitors come from Germany.
  • There have been visitors from Jamaica, Mongolia and Kazakhstan…
  • I’ve written 15,380 words in 70 posts.
  • You’re written 141 comments. Ta very much.

The top 5 most popular posts:

My personal top 5 picks (in addition to the above):

 Tags: Blog   Published: 19th October '08

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Happy B-Day to your blog Keith! It’s always great to read something here, even if I have to check my English dictionary every two words :)