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Not only does June involve much jubilation to celebrate my birth, it also marks the mid-point during the year and is a perfect time for a corporate-style performance review of the resolutions I set at the beginning of the year.

Here is a roundup of the resolutions, complimented with a suitable traffic-light rating:

Read more: Amber
I polished off three books in 6-months, which sounds pretty pathetic — and you’re right, it is. But sadly, this is actually a personal record. Having a book perched next to my bed isn’t doing the trick, so I think I just need to start going to bed earlier.

Do some daring things: Red
Hmm, I can’t think of anything that I can say was particularly daring. Have any suggestions?

Consume less sugar: Red
Trips to Belgium and the US have all resulted in new stockpiles of sweet delights. Moreover, the new Pizza oven at work pretty much writes me off. Despite my CV proclaiming that I’m an active runner, in truth I’m quite a lazy bum.

Travel to more exotic places: Green
Lots of traveling so far this year, much quite unexpected. Highlights include: Oslo, Monaco (via Nice), Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp), Soelden (Austria), California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diago and San Jose), Les Deux Alpes (France), London (x3) and Tijuana (Mexico). Prize for the most exotic location goes to Zanzibar (Tanzania). Glastonbury, London, Düsseldorf and Inverness are so far on the cards for Q3.

Be more focused: Amber
I’m not entirely sure what I exactly meant by this. Generally speaking, the grand plan is starting to take shape. Setting some targets does genuinely help.

Restart my dream diary: Amber
Fairly good job here. I started at the beginning of January and have clocked in 55+ dreams. It’s tapered off as of late, largely due to my holiday binge. Hopefully it’ll pick up in the lighter Summer months, which I hypothesize induces higher dream recall.

Embark on building a virtual real estate empire: Amber
Good groundwork has been layed thus far this year. The successful acquisition of BusSongs is helping to build some momentum.

Become illustriousness for something: Red 
Nah, I’m still just a regular Joe. I’ve not quite figured out my niche just yet.

Naturally, a full annual review will be forthcoming in late-December. I sincerely hope that you’re meeting your own expectations for 2008.

Note: Apologies for the recent downtime of – don’t fret, for the site was not targeted by evil-doers. I’ve just moved servers and the site should now feel a little more snappy.

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Kaira Cooper

i know that you only created the fanste and all this.,but your the only one who has something that i can say somrthing about the new winnie the pooh disney show.well, me and my friend dont get where this girl came in and not chritopher robin.where did christopher robin go?
i dont see how this girl comes in at all.shes annoying and she doesnt have a british accent at all!!! what happened to all the british folks?? the only thing lft british is the hefulump!! and christopher robin is always saying, promise you wont forget me? well you kinda broke that promise didnt you? but i know its only a cartoon but this is a show that people around 14 or so know and love and your changeing it really gets on our nerves.we want christopher robin back NOW!!!!!!!!!!! please forward this message onto disnew if you will be greatly appreciated…:)

Keith Mander

Hello Kaira,

Thanks for your message.

I quite agree that it’s a real shame that Christopher Robin isn’t in the new TV series. I think that Disney are trying to make Pooh more enjoyable for American kids with the introduction of Darby.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any contacts in Disney – so I’m not able to pass on your comments to anyone. Sorry.

Fingers crossed that Christopher Robin will be coming back to our screens soon.

All the best,

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