The perils of rain

Driving a scooter is dangerous. Driving a scooter in the rain; a thousand times more so. Let’s examine the plethora of reasons why:

  • The waterproof jacket flaps around in the rain and creates a blind spot in the mirrors.
  • You’re inclined to drive in the middle of the road. Not everyone can fit there.
  • Breaking speeds are significantly lengthened, obviously.
  • If, on the rare chance, it gets a bit chilly, then fog can build up on the visor.
  • It’s necessary to use the visor or your eyes get a battering. The curvature of the visor trends to bend the light from oncoming traffic, or something like that.
  • You can be tempted to sway out into the road to avoid a large puddle. Not helpful with overtaking cars.
  • Mirrors are all but useless with raindrops blurring the vision.
  • Many locals drive with one hand in the air as a makeshift visor. Cue slower braking speeds and less driving control.
  • It’s far trickier to make out road markings. It can even be hard to make out the curb.
  • Overflowing drains brings up all sorts. All sorts of sanitary issues.
  • Probably not impossible for the long rain jacket to get stuck in a moving part or melted from the engine’s heat.
  • You can’t see (and anticipate for) potholes (and there are many).
  • Most people have resided to the fact that they’re going to get wet and drive slower. But there’s still people who think that going faster will help then avoid raindrops.
  • You can aqua plane across large puddles and lose grip on the road.
  • Splashes from cars on the other side of the road isn’t fun and could be dangerous.
  • I’ve seen roads closed from landslides and fallen trees. I’d not like to be on the road when this happens.
  • You sometimes spot some real clowns who drive with an umbrella in one hand.

The conclusion is that when it’s raining, it’s better to pull in, sit it out and enjoy a cup of tea.

 Tags: Random   Published: 5th November '13

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