List of Co-working & co-living events

It’s amazing to see the explosion of co-working spaces popping up in every corner of the globe. Co-living and co-working events and spaces, often in rather exotic locations, are also springing up quickly.

Here’s a roundup of all the events that I’m aware of. I’ve featured a mixture of events (often running once annually) and permanent fixtures where you can potentially just drop-in whenever.

  • Project Getaway: The one that started it all. Originally just held in Bali, it’s now spreading globally with events occurring throughout the year. Typically for 1-month and open to around 20 folk. Packages are all inclusive, even including a weekly massage. Luxurious, fun, and inspiring. It’s great to now see the concept now spread.
  • Startup Getaway: The PG spin-off, if you like, where you can live in a villa in a quiet spot in Bali. Available year-round, with rates being fully inclusive (food, laundry etc). Great networking opportunities with international and local minds.
  • deceler8 me: A bit of a different event; a 5-day retreat geared towards taking things slow and reflecting. The inaugural event occurs this October on the sleepy Indonesian island of Gilli Air. Open to around a dozen entrepreneurs.
  • Change Ventures: 20 person event occurring for the first time this September, also in Bali. B&B package in a luxury villa setup. Small team of business mentors makes this a bit more unique.
  • Coworking Camp: An all inclusive event (even including flights!) kicking off at the end of this year in Egypt. Open to a massive 75 participants.
  • 47Ronin: A permanent co-living/working space in Kyoto. Pretty rad opportunity to live and work in a very cool city. Accommodation is shared, but quite affordable.
  • Startup Abroad: A 2-week event for 10 entrepreneurs that happened last year in Ubud, Bali (a super town). This year it’s in southern Italy!
  • Sunny Office: A German-lead event that occurs in various spots in Spain, with the next even happening in Barcelona in September 2013.
  • The Surf Office: A permanent fixture in Gran Canaria. A lovely island with perfect year-round weather. A large house with office space. Offers just bed, desk space, and encouragement to hit the waves.
  • Coco Vivo: An isolated villa in Panama where you can escape to live and work with solar power and snail paced Wifi.
  • Cork Screw – Spark: A one-month event occuring throughout the year in a few global spots, including good old England. All inclusive package with a very focused schedule of activities.
  • The Ignition Lab: 4-day event in Nicaragua. Only available to a small group, with lots of time spent with the founding partners. Quite expensive, but aimed at those with a good track record looking to develop ideas amongst a private group.

Please leave a comment if you’re aware of any others.

Update #2: Some additions:

  • Nest Copenhagen: A co-living space being created in downtown Copenhagen. Made up of 4 apartments, it’ll house 17. Kicks off in January 2014.
  • Hus24: Same as the above, but in central Stockholm.
  • BlackBox Mansion: Communal living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley (in FB’s hood). As covered by the BBC. A way of entering into the right networks for the next big thing. Was bookable with Airbnb, but seems to be no longer available.

Update #3:

  • Startup Abroad: is going ahead again this year. This time it 2-weeks in Italy.

Update #4:

  • Exosphere: A couple of months in Chile.
  • Campus: A bunch of co-living/working houses in SF/Silicon Valley, geared towards creative folk and not just nerds.

Update #5:

  • Hacker Paradise: 3-month event in Costa Rice. Starts early September 2014. Aimed at programmers.

Update #6:

  • Snowcode: A twist from all the tropical weather spirited events above. 2015 will be their 5th event.
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