Paradise: Mashup of Bali & Thailand?

I seem to spend a good chunk of my time split between Thailand and Bali. It’s a bit boring, perhaps, but they are cracking spots. Still, it’d be even better if we there was a third place that blended the best of both. Here’s a go of what our paradise shall contain:

  • Thai design, fashion and architectural aesthetics and sensibilities.
  • Thai prices, except for petrol.
  • Colours and smells of Hinduism.
  • Relative simplicity and pleasant tone of the Indonesian language.
  • Thai food, with some extra additions.
  • Ready access to cheap, fresh fruits on every corner in Thailand.
  • Clean water sidewalk dispensers in Thailand.
  • The mixed crowd of Thai nightlife.
  • Walking markets of Thailand.
  • Less obsession with sugar in Bali.
  • Beaches of Thailand.
  • Vivid greens of Bali rice fields and foliage.
  • Roads and infrastructure of Thailand.
  • Beauty of Balinese people.
  • Reliable, fast and affordable Internet speeds in Thailand.
  • Way less dumping of trash in Thailand.
  • Less traffic and crop-burning pollution in Bali (relatively!).
  • Less stinky drains in Bali.
  • Much less evident sex tourism in Bali.
  • Balinese use of natural building materials.

I think I’ve said this a dozen times with like-minded folk; Thailand is a far more rational choice as a location to do what it is that I do (cheaper and better Internet being two important factors), yet Bali has a rather special charm that wins over the heart vs. the brain.

I fully know this is written with an extremely narrow vision; there is much I have yet to see in these respective locations and across the world.

Any omissions dear readers?

 Tags: Random   Published: 2nd June '13

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