Decapitated Bargain

Another successful Saturday bargain hunt. Highlights include a €2.49 wall clock, €1.49 hand towel, and a 49¢ pencil case.

Unfortunately, I arrived too late to unleash fury upon the €2 store this week.

Although I did splash out on an unnecessary, but very groovy, €19 Banksy coffee table book. I also picked up some empty jars for my new sands-of-the-word collection.

But the super frugal bargain of the day has to be the decapitated Gingerbread Men, that had a 50% reduction.

Disclaimer: My photography skills are particularly weak, hence why most pictures on the blog are nabbed from Flickr. This, however, is a Mander original.

 Tags: Random   Published: 5th April '08

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