Ubud Top Picks

Ubud is full of superb spots to eat, and after a ~4-month stint here, I’ve tried quite a few places. Here are some standout locations (in no particular order):

  • Locavore: best resto in town, for sure. Fine dining.
  • Elephant: Great location and all round veggie food.
  • Who’s Who: consistently great.
  • Kafe: The original hangout.
  • Soma: Proper Ubudian. Raw/vegetarian/whatever.
  • Seniman Coffee Studio: Funky coffee place.
  • Melting Wok: Well deserving of it’s uber high TripAdvisor ranking. Attentive service and cheap, good eats.
  • Warung Saya: One man show. Great food, but be expecting a bit of a wait.
  • Cafe Pomegranate: Amazing location in the rice fields. Great food too. A must see.
  • Gaya Gelato: Top notch gelato.
  • Palau Kelapa: Located next door to the $100+/head Mosaic. Wooden chalet building. Pan-Indo. Cheap and rather great.
  • Kebun: Good wholesome grub.
  • Five Elements: 20-mins outside of Ubud, but deserving a mention. Beautiful resort. Only vegan/raw. Pricey.
  • Taksu Spa: A spa with a restaurant. Set in the jungle, comfy, fast-wifi, free Tea refills and the best value breakfast.

Some other really rather great, but not outstanding places:

  • Ibu Oka: Famously suckling pig, favoured by bus loads of tourists and locals alike. Of by Anythony Bourdain fame.
  • Clear Cafe: A firm favourite. Only vegetarian, but so good you quickly forget.
  • Dayu’s Warung: Same road as Sopa – great organic fare.
  • Alchemy: Kinda expensive, but delightful salad bar. Vegan, so salad options is a bit lacking.
  • Warung Sopa: Just vegetarian. But also great.
  • Bali Buddha: An old favourite with a great dessert menu.
  • Fair Warung Bale: Charity outfit claiming the #1 spot on TripAdvisor. Good food with profits going to charity. Fair enough.
  • Mojo’s Flying Burritos: Best burrito in town.
  • Bernadette’s: Known for its Rendang; my favourite Indo dish.
  • Warung Schnitzel: A great schnitizel and killer deserts.
  • Cafe des Artist: Best steak I’ve had in Ubud.
  • Four Seasons: Incredible souffle!
  • Bettlenut: An event location. Good food, I thought.
  • Sari Organik: Great setting just beyond Cafe Pomegranate. Overrated, I think.
  • Putu’s Wild Ginger: Nice fare.
  • Il Giardino: Probably the best Italian in town.
  • Lamak: Souffles! Upmarket joint.

Popular places that don’t really float my boat:

  • Fly Cafe: Frequented by older ex-pats.
  • Biah-Biah: Balinese food, tapas-style, and cheap.
  • Ibu Rai: Nice setting, but only so-s0.
  • Bebek Bengil: Famous duck that just isn’s so special.
  • Taco Casa: Good Mexican, probably the best in town, but best restaurant in Ubud? Nah.Naughty
  • Nuri’s: Also popularised by Anthony Bourdain. Probably the best ribs in town.

For spa’s, I’d recommend these:

  • Putri Spa, Jalan Sanggingan
  • Restu, Jalan Goutama
  • Taksu Spa, Jalan Goutama

Many more places to check-out. I’ll give this another update sometime.

Edit: This needs a proper update; many new places in Ubud and some recommendations made that are almost embarrassing.

 Tags: Random   Published: 26th December '12

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