I just recently got introduced to the world of Banksy, the anonymous British graffiti artist whose social and political commentary has created quite a stir. Despite his clear anti-establishment sentiments, I’m confident that his £13 book and £288k auction windfalls keep him safely off the dole. Still an absolute legend, nonetheless. For me, it has instilled a new level of respect for the art form. Turns out that there is even a Dublin-based copycat.

A fellow co-worker just recently commented that rather than painting the garden fence himself, he might instead invite over a group of Dublin’s finest knackers street artists for a fun-filled day of graffiti, BBQ, and some cold beers. Sounds like an interesting experiment, and it’d be a wonder whether his fence ends up with fire-breathing dragons or graphic representations of the female anatomy.

 Tags: Random   Published: 5th April '08

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Great work.


wish there was someone like bansky in america


hehehe i am banksy


only joking


but id love to have his skills


theres another artist with a message. check out

Helene Dolley


Just for information: Banksy’s movie “Exit through the Gift Shop” is brilliant and made my partner and myself talked for a good two hours about what contemporary art is about with an ironic twist.


Keith Mander

Thanks Helene. Yeah, it was a great movie :)