Milk Float: Perfect Urban Vehicle?

Unconvinced? Let’s review the perks:

  • Ample storage space (perfect for trips to Ikea).
  • Cheap (a penny a mile) and clean source of fuel.
  • Just open the door to get some fresh air in the Summer.
  • As fast as you’d need to be for an inner-city environment (20Mph).
  • Free parking in most London boroughs.
  • No Congestion charges for London.
  • Typically has a refrigerator (perfect for groceries).
  • Exempt from requiring an annual MOT.
  • No Road Tax needed.
  • Lower insurance premium.
  • Usually well maintained by their previous owners.

One can pick up a second-hand float on eBay for around £500 – a true Keith style bargain.

 Tags: Random   Published: 3rd April '08

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Orla Lloyd

Hi Keith
We’re in Dublin and would love to find out about getting our hands on a milk float, any suggestions?

Keith Mander

Hey Orla,

Despite referring to London a few times in my post, I’m also in Dublin. I’ve never seen a milk float here – are you aware of any services still in operation? Either way, I’m sure there is a supply of defunctive milk floats somewhere.

Your best bet is just to Google and phone around to see what you can discover. Let me know what you find out.