Yanks Have the Upper Hand This Time

Treated myself over Christmas and switched from a Macbook Pro 15″ to a Macbook Air 13″.

The Air is incredible; ridiculously more travel friendly, super speedy, and absolutely beautiful. Thanks to the Black Friday discount and a VAT rebate, the final price came in less than the second hand resale value of the Pro – so it feels more like a free upgrade than an indulgent new purchase.

I did make one rather small blunder when I made the order and that was to take the default British-English keyboard layout. Most American things irritate me, but their keyboard layout is most definitely superior. Let’s play spot the difference:

Yep, it’s not wildly different at all. Just the shift and return keys are different sizes, but boy do I miss them. I’ve been using the American layout for the last ~6-years or so, so it’s going to take some time for my pinky to get used to the change.

A few other minor gripes:

  • I miss the black glass border that goes around the screen of the MacBook Pro. The aluminium frame of the Air provides too much coloured contrast to the screen.
  • The Pro has a little button on the side which shows the approximate remaining battery life. You have to open up the Air to find out the same information.
  • I opted for the 128Gb. It’s workable, for sure, but you have to compromise and make decisions on what to store. Hard drive capacity has generally been growing at the rate where our total consumption is still a good bit below the limit – but we’re going a bit backwards with solid state drives. Loving the speed though.
 Tags: Random   Published: 12th January '12

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