Wacky Ways to Land a Job

In a desperate attempt to get an internship, I once sent a large box containing a few helium balloons attached to my CV to the head honcho of a company. I never did get the job, but it made for an interesting conversation with the recipient when I met her some months later.

After a wee visit to the bathroom, I’ve dreamt up some other wacky ideas to try and get a job:

  • Send a strip-o-gram to hand deliver / sing your CV.
  • Get a courier to deliver you inside a box.
  • Hide inside a really large cake and jump out with your application.
  • Dress up as a product or company mascot.
  • Send your CV with a shoe tagged with the message “I just want to get my foot in the door.” (OK, I did steal this idea).
  • Send your application with some flowers.
  • Wrap up the CV like pass the parcel.
  • Plant your application somewhere in the building or town, and send a clue to the company so that they can ‘find the treasure’.
  • Create a covering letter with words cut out of newspapers.
  • Get the application professionally printed as a booklet.

Post a comment with your ideas.

 Tags: Random   Published: 27th February '08

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