The Essential Dreamers’ Kit

My dreaming kit is steadily growing and now consists of the following items:

  • Philips ‘Wake-up’ light alarm clock.
  • Trusty notepad & felt-tip pen.
  • Mind-bending lava lamp.
  • Dictaphone.
  • Ceiling dream sign.

Dreamers Kit

Of course, I’m not yet completely satisfied. First up, I have my eyes set on getting myself the REM Dreamer; a €130 gizmo that touts that it can help induce lucid dreams. By flashing lights during the REM (dreaming) stage of sleep, it’s suggested that you will recognise these lights and this will lead you to recognise that you’re dreaming.

I’m also quite tempted to test out the SleepTracker watch, a device that only wakes you up in the period of time after a dream when you’re moving around (you’re typically paralysed when dreaming). The end result is that you’re less likely to be interrupted during a dream and wake up grumpy, or not be able to recollect the dream.

Tonight, I’ll be conducting a wee experiment to see what noises I make during the night, achieved by hooking up the laptop to record sound with a microphone. I’d love to set up a time-lapsed video recorder also, but I think it might require an upgrade to a night-vision camera.

Update: It looks like that with the exception of a single burp, I sleep like a baby.

Sleep Recording

 Tags: Dreams   Published: 17th March '08

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I think you should conduct the experience for a longer period (several weeks) to get some relevant results. I’ll try this as well and let you know :)


True – it wasn’t the most scientific experiment ever devised.

I’ve found someone who can LEND me their night-vision video camera, so I’ll be able to record time-lapsed video.

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