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In comparison to the rest of Europe, one rarely comes across scaffold advertising in Ireland or the UK. I think this is a bit of pity since it’s more attractive than seeing bare scaffolding or a green mesh, provides means of subsidising the cost of the repair work, older buildings are more likely to be in prime positions and larger in size (I presume), provides a longer life span than typical billboards, and gives the advertiser a huge canvas to be creative.

I suspect there might be room for an emerging form of agency that brokers deals between media planning agencies and local scaffolding businesses.

Maybe I’m missing an obvious reason why it doesn’t really exist here? Restrictive planning permissions? Please post your thoughts.

Here is one that I spotted in Dublin (click to expand):

Scaffold Advertising in Dublin

 Tags: Business   Published: 2nd March '08

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I’ve seen a lot like this in Stockholm. H&M were the best I think when they were promoting the new Madonna’s collection.


Im looking out the window here in Barcelona and can see a massive one for Levi’s


Very envious of your current geography Jim.

Why do you think it is that you don’t you see them outside of your Canary Wharf window? (aside from the fact that there aren’t any old buildings).

On a separate note, when will you be due back from Africa?

Ron Deschenes

I’ve worked in teh scaffold advertising business in Canada for several years; the main barrier to wider adoption is city bylaws, the high cost of implementation, and the time and energy required to supervise these projects.

Nonetheless, when executed properly, a scaffold ad is a sight to behold. My favorite executions are the ones that not only contain an advertisement, but also a reproduction of the facade of the building; we’ve only executed a few in Canada (most media buyers want the whole building…), but this type of execution is very common in Italy.

Keith Mander

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Ron – interesting stuff!

stuart M

Very interesting, I run a scaffolding company and have always thought we are missing a trick as regards to utilising advertising space

Keith Mander

Give it a try Stuart!

david white

have always wondered why have not seen more adds, especialy in london on scafolds, there are many large bright tv screens poping up and wonder how planning can be approved for these and not advertising on temporary scafold , work in construction and the benifit of these scafold wraps aid the workers especialy at hights , also to the cost of the host of the scafold , would like to know more on the ins and outs of the law regarding banners on scafold .

Media Planning

Interesting display of outdoor advertising.


Hi Keith,

Years ago I had an off-shoot of my publishing company that I called ‘scaftizing’ in Johanesburg. The main objective was to ensure that heat, dust and so forth would not penetrate the construction areas. I only had one big project which was a huge banner on the front of the Michelangelo Towers. My advertiser was MTN and the plan worked well as after construction, they used it to cover the cricket square when it rained! If you are a cricket fan, you will still see MSN all around cricket in SA after all these years. All this from scaffolding. Naturally councils in the UK will put up a fuss about diverting attention from the road if you are driving by and suddenly you are confronted by a HUGE banner. As long as it is not a complicated or contreversial message, I do not see a problem. Look at Picaddily Circus. Cheers.

Keith Mander

Thanks for sharing JD :)