The M&A team at Lunatude have been busy. I’ve been speaking with webmasters for months and finally stumbled onto a site fitting for my portfolio. is an online repository of fan fiction for the insanely popular Twilight series.

Users come along and share their stories. Others can edit and review these stories. Pretty simple. The site is in need of some serious TLC; it’s experiencing falling traffic and growing competition. It’ll be a challenge, but it may just pay off.

Here’s the current homepage:

Want to see an example story? Try Dream’s Shadow, apparently it’s quite popular.

Redevelopment work has begun in earnest and an all new design should appear in a couple of weeks time.

I’ve tagged this, and some other posts, with the all new Introducing tag, so you can see a list of the other sites I’ve toyed with over the years.

 Tags: Business, Introducing   Published: 19th March '11

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