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I started drafting this post just a few days before Google released their official AdSense Android app, which has made most of what I was going to say pretty redundant.

The official app was well needed; there’s a whole bunch of unofficial 3rd party apps which can show you similar data, but all of which pose a significant security risk (given the need to share your log-in credentials). It’s pretty, simple to use, and provides all the reports you’d actually want on-the-go. It does lack the all new revenue predictor and suffers from the annoyance of a timed user-session (thus requiring you to periodically login), meaning that it can still be helpful to create your own DIY mobile app – the topic of this post.

Using our previous work with a self-made script, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own “app”. The script now spits the output as HTML and both Android and iOS allow you to create homepage URL shortcuts. The result is one-click access to your statistics without the need to log in, or unnecessarily trust a 3rd party developer. Plus, since it’s your app, you can develop it your hearts content, perhaps to report other pertinent information for your website/business on the same page. Okay, okay, it’s not really an “app” in the true sense, but it feels and looks pretty close to one.

A further improvement would be to create push-notifications/alerts if the the predicted revenue falls below an accepted range. I’m lacking reliable data/net access this week, so a daily SMS report would also make for a useful extension. Something to look into another day.

Update: Grab the script and build your own mobile app that shows current revenue and predicted day total.

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