AdSense: Intraday Earnings Trend

Google Analytics can display a break down of a day’s traffic into hourly chunks, but AdSense is strictly limited to just whole days. I’m sure Google has a few fair reasons not to provide this (data reliability, computation time and so on). For educational purposes, we can try to accomplish this data-set ourselves.

Thankfully, the AdSense interface does tell us how much we’ve earned so far during today:

Now that we know how often Adsense updates its data, we can configure our script to efficiently collate the right amount of data that’ll allow us to do some number crunching.

The script is now setup to query the rolling balance every 15-minutes and store the value in an SQL database. With a spreadsheet to hand, we can then look at the relative increase in earnings at each interval. Here’s the chart showing that data for a 7-day period.

The dark green line provides the mean average over the 7-days, smoothed as a moving average. I opted for the PST timezone for the X-axis, since most of my site users originate form the US (and California specifically).

I’d like to show a nice bell curve chart to show when the major growth occurs, but my spreadsheet/statistics skills are a bit limited. It’s pretty clear to see that the rapid acceleration is in the morning (6-10am) with fairly flat growth thereafter.

Next up, let’s do something somewhat useful with this finding.

Update: Grab the script and collect your own data, plus build a prediction model and mobile app!

 Tags: AdSense   Published: 7th March '11

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